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When your commercial location is under water, every minute is vital for your business. Every minute that passes can produce permanent damage to your assets and affect you tremendously. Here are some great pieces of advice to follow in such moments:

• Act in the first 48 hours from the disaster and save most of your assets and belongings.
• Even if you have experienced water damage before, keep in mind that each case is different and try not to act based on previous assumptions.
• The time and the budget needed to restore your commercial location completely might vary depending on the incident and the extent of the damage.
• Mold can be stopped from growing and real pathogenic hazards can be avoided if the area is cleaned up and dried entirely.
• Hire only IICRC certified technicians to perform such a job for you and leave your business only in the best hands.
Time is critical when facing water damage issues. So act fast and call Westlake Village the moment you spot unwanted water on your property. We are your number one partner for professional restoration services in case of flood damage, sewage overflow, water leaks and many more.
We are on duty 24/7, day and night, and promise to reach you in no more than 30 minutes and offer a wide range of services, including:
• Cold Water Extraction and Sewage: During this first step, we identify all areas affected by moisture and also try spotting all the hidden pockets of water. We then remove it all with industrial vacuums, submersible pumps and manual extraction tools.
• Cleaning: When this step is completed there should be no trace of mold or fungus left on your property. We pay great attention to this particular procedure because any areas that are left unattended can be great sources for a potential health hazard to start.
• Sanitization: With our eco-friendly sprays and solutions we perform a final cleanup and deodorize the area against any bacteria and unwanted odors. At the end of this step, you should have your commercial location back to its pre-disaster conditions.

Moreover, we will handle the insurance claim process, too. We will fill in all the needed paperwork and a full report to be discussed with your insurance agent, no matter the company you choose to work with. In addition, we will offer you a $500 deductible rebate to use in such difficult moments.
Hundreds of restaurants, small retail businesses, apartment buildings and corporate office ones have chosen our services when water affected their premises. We sure have the right solutions to help you as well! Call us at 805-308-9584 and get your free initial consultation!