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Whenever you face a water incident, the first thing to do is remove all water from your location before even thinking of cleanup or drying. This task, however simple it may seem, must be performed by a team of specialized technicians that are certified by the IICRC for this kind of procedures. Think of Westlake Village as your trustworthy partner for recovering after such challenging events, one that is near you 24/7, ready to offer its expertise and gear for solving your problem in no time.

This step is the first one we take for every water damage restoration process. By identifying all areas that were in contact with water we are able to better isolate them and stop the damage from spreading and affecting multiple surfaces. When fast and efficient actions are taken, most of your possessions and objects can be recovered and saved from permanent tear and the restoration costs will be significantly reduced.

During the cold water extraction procedure we use only specialized equipment and tools that will help us eliminate all water as non-intrusive as possible, but yet very effective. For a result that will last in time, we must also detect all pockets of hidden water that are beneath furniture or under the carpets. Then, we take care of all standing water by installing submersible pumps and use manual tools like wands and claws for a better job on the carpets and pads.

If areas were left unattended in such circumstances or water has not been totally removed, serious pathogenic risks can occur. Wet environments are a great source of mold, bacteria, fungus and germs, that could eventually lead to serious respiratory illnesses and health hazards.

Do not have yourself and your property go through yet another difficult moment and stop the damage from spreading as soon as possible. By dialing 805-308-9584 you can have an experienced crew at your door in less than 30 minutes and avoid all the unwanted side effects of such an incident!